Adina Pelle

About (Biography)


For most of my life, happiness meant satisfying the hunger for life's mysteries, discover love, pain, or understand social justice through an astonishing amount of reading. As a lonely and rather peculiar child, I was engulfed in books most of my free time. Born in the same town the roman poet Ovid lived his last years and died I came to be inspired by the written word and its power.

I lived in many places all over the world before moving permanently to USA 20 years ago. This pilgrimage gave me a unique perception of the world.
I worked for years in the Art business managing Art Galleries in Philadelphia, Chicago and Pittsburgh and later became a business analyst for an insurance company. As a result, when crafting my stories I combine the dispassionate attitude of a scientist with the sensitivity and psychological understanding of an artist.

I now live in Connecticut with my biggest fan, my husband Stan.
The first book, Ghost Words and Other Echoes, published in 2009,  is a collection of more than short stories. They are essays, memoirs, morality tales...modern parables. I touched a wide-range of interests and  traveled all roads between despair and nirvana. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive.

The second book, Mesh,is a collection of short stories written with Ken Coffman . Love, life and technology...with banter and conversation between the authors. Do you crave something different? This is it.
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